Here are 5 dragon armor piercing bullets on why you should be buying $RYUU tokens right now:

#1. Recently, Ryoshi, the founder of Shiba Inu, abandoned that project in late May 2022 and has now began revealing subtle involvement on a brand new project called $TSUKA. Ryuu Gorudo is the name that was inspired from Ryoshi's actions and was chosen for the $RYUU project which has been in conception and speculative developmental planning since January of 2022. Ryuu will fully support Ryoshi's new project by launching its platform with support for the $TSUKA token.

#2. Perhaps the most unique feature of the $RYUU ERC20 token is it's smart contract is written in a way that accurately detects something called MEV bots. MEV bots, commonly referred to as front runners, are evil bots that buy and sell immediately before and after normal transactions on the blockchain, taking a small but sometimes large amount of unsuspecting investor's initial investments. The $RYUU smart contract allows these MEV bots to buy but never sell, permanently increasing $RYUU's market cap and all prior holders token's value!

#3. You will be investing into and supporting the future of the first ever platform to be actively developing Automated Token Buying Technology or ATBT. The Ryuu platform is still being developed and so your support will greatly help us thoroughly test and release it to the public much quicker. Not only that, but you will also be able to vote on important platform developmental propsals and even propose your own ideas at snapshot.org/#/RyuuGorudo.eth!

#4. Ryuu has a huge roadmap ahead of it, filled with lots of extra things that the community and platform developers alike will be able to award to early adopters. Things such as, NFTs, new platform token airdrops, white listings for various extra platform perks (like beta testing) and whatever else we as a community can think of that will make the very first 1,000 to 2,000 holders of $RYUU feel truly special and happy!

#5. 99% of the time it is risky business buying project tokens early, and that is exactly what this platform is deigned to relieve. Buying $RYUU early and holding long term we strongly feel will net substantial gains. Also, $RYUU is a 100% tax free token!

Still not convinced you should be buying $RYUU tokens now?
Read the Ryuu Gōrudo whitepaper!


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